The so-called extraneous water makes up the largest part with approx. 70%
amount of waste water in Saarland, although cleaning is not required. That
this water still gets to the waste water to be cleaned is economical
and ecologically problematic. The “Action Watermark” is a program
of the Ministry for the Environment, with which the Saarland municipalities
in their measures, uncontaminated rainwater from that in need of cleaning
to separate waste water, should be financially supported. Since in force
the watermark campaign in 1996 was completed with about 400 projects
a total of around 65 million in subsidies.

In the evaluation of the watermark campaign by the Center for
Evaluation (CEval) will systematically increase the acceptance of the program
those involved on site and the connection between the economic
and ecological effects of the measures and of the
Those affected examined the perceived causes.

The aim of this evaluation is primarily to present the perception of the project
of those affected in the community. The evaluation should provide answers
to questions such as: Where do those involved see problems? How works
the cooperation with the different departments involved? What
is seen by those involved as in need of improvement?

To evaluate the watermark campaign, CEval is already using a
existing analysis guide modified for exactly this program.
Furthermore, during the investigation according to the evaluation concept
by Prof. Dr. R. Stockmann pursues a multi-method approach: For this
a standardized questionnaire will be developed, which will be sent to all communities
is sent in Saarland. On the one hand, this questionnaire examines
how the communities have dealt with the watermark campaign so far
are and, on the other hand, how those involved on site will be in the future
Assess the need for the various measures.