Services: Evaluation, Consulting & Educatoion

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Our content areas of work:
  • Development cooperation: Bilateral and multilateral cooperation, governmental and non-governmental cooperation, technical and financial cooperation, capacity development, humanitarian and transitional aid, development education and domestic work
  • Education & Culture: Foreign cultural and education policy, arts and culture promotion, vocational and higher education, (international) university cooperation, science and research promotion, promotion of young talent and mentoring, international media cooperation
  • Job market: Vocational training, labor market policy, organizational and personnel development, employee satisfaction
  • Environment, Climate & Nature: Climate protection, adaptation to climate change, nature conservation and biodiversity, communication on environment and sustainability, sustainable economies and sustainable production chains, environmental education and enlightenment, environmental behavior, environmentally friendly consumption
  • Society and social affairs: Information and communication tools, prevention, social work in sport, migration and integration
Individual options

We offer evaluation, consulting and education services that are individually tailored to your goals and meet the highest scientific standards.




  • You would like to verify the effectiveness of your activities?
  • You want to use insights from the project work you have done so far systematically to plan and optimise your project?
  • You need an independent and objective assessment of whether your strategies are suited to the achievement of your aims?
  • You’re planning to conduct an internal evaluation or self-evaluation?
  • You want your project to be accompanied by continuous impact monitoring?
  • Your organisation would like to develop quality standards or strategic guidelines?
  • Are you looking for further education & training in monitoring and evaluation?
  • You need basic knowledge or would like to deepen specific topics?
  • You would like to professionalize the planning, implementation and use of evaluations?

To achieve this, you need reliable information. Only if the right information is available at the right time, and available in such a way as to be of practical use, can well founded decisions be made. To create a reliable database and thus also a rational basis for decision-making, we offer you a number of instruments that can be adapted individually to suit your needs:

Evaluations, continuous impact monitoring and comprehensive quality and knowledge management are elements of impact-oriented action. An important prerequisite for this is the establishment of a holistic organizational quality and evaluation culture.
We support you in the development of a quality management and in the establishment of an evaluation culture by offering individually adapted consulting services, such as:

For our individual trainings and coachings, we develop demand-oriented concepts together with our customers, which are tailored to the respective requirements and wishes in terms of both content and organization. The spectrum ranges from individual coaching to small group and in-house training in national and international contexts:

  • Ex-ante-, interim, final and ex-post evaluations, meta-evaluations
  • Impact and sustainability investigations
  • Process and efficiency analyses
  • System, sector, division and strategy evaluations
  • Organisational and network analyses
  • Scientific supervision of internally conducted evaluations and evaluation consulting
  • Development, implementation and application of impact-oriented monitoring systems
  • Advice on the awarding and management of external evaluations
  • Basic evaluation knowledge and advanced content, e.g. on specific methodological survey and evaluation procedures.
  • Questions of evaluation practice, e.g. on planning and organization of evaluations, on conception and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems