Continuation of the successful cooperation with the DAAD

CEval GmbH has been advising and supporting the DAAD in the development and introduction of an impact-oriented monitoring system (WoM) since 2016. This successful and proven cooperation will now be continued for another four years in the context of a framework agreement.

As the world’s largest funding organization for the international exchange of students and scholars, the DAAD’s activities aim at change through exchange. The DAAD sees itself as a modern science organization that strives to continuously improve the effectiveness of its work through continuous learning and a willingness to change. This approach is formulated in the DAAD’s Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Concept adopted in 2019, which identifies institutional learning, quality assurance, impact orientation, transparency in processes, and legitimacy as important dimensions on which the various monitoring and evaluation activities are focused. From an overarching perspective, the strategic orientation of the DAAD and its programs is thus also to be supported in an evidence-based manner, thus consistently strengthening the impact orientation of DAAD funding activities.

An essential instrument for fulfilling these goals is impact-oriented monitoring (WoM). The framework agreement with CEval GmbH focuses on impact-oriented program planning, impact-oriented monitoring and target achievement and thus on further development and learning processes as well as on the reporting obligations within the framework of performance monitoring. However, it also focuses on the effective and efficient use of the database generated by the WoM in the context of monitoring-based analyses and evaluations, thus making a significant contribution to strengthening and increasing the benefits of the WoM.

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