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On 3rd April 2019, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann gave a lecture on "Institutionalization of Evaluation in Europe" during the XXII National Congress. He was invited by the Italian Evaluation Association Associazione Italiana di Valutazione (AIV) and he presented results of the research project "Evaluation Globe".

The project aims at recording the status of the institutionalization of evaluation in the political, social and professionalization system for all relevant countries worldwide. The Europe volume, which will be published by Macmillan at the end of the year, contains 16 country case studies, a European chapter and a synthesis. This shows that, despite all the regional, cultural, political and social differences in the countries studied, administrative modernisation, in the wake of new public management concepts and the EU's requirements, especially in the allocation of funds from the Structural Funds, was the dominant driving force behind the institutionalisation of evaluation in the countries studied.