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Evaluation GLOBE - research on the worldwide process of institutionalization of evaluaton

The Evaluation GLOBE is a global research project managed and financed by CEval itself. It aims on a global stocktaking of the institutionalization of evaluation on national level. The results will be published in a book series by Palgrave Macmillan, including four volumes on Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia. Each Reader will include country chapters written by well-experienced country experts and comparative parts written by the editors. By using a shared analysis scheme, the comparability of each chapter will be guaranteed. The first book on Europe has been published in April 2020 and is now available on the market. For the second volume on the Americas, all draft chapters are available and the editors are just working on the comparison. The third volume on Africa will be prepared this year.

This session presented an overview on the whole project and its theoretical as well as its methodological framework, shared some results on Europe, gave an opportunity to chat with the editors and some of the authors, presented first results on Latin America and gave an outlook on the next steps for the volume on Africa. It had been divided in six steps, accompanied by moderated chats and the opportunity to ask questions to the authors. After a short introduction, explaining the idea, historical background and the scientific purpose of the GLOBE project, the theoretical and methodological framework had been explained in more details.

The third part was on the comparative results in Europe, explaining the institutionalization of evaluation in the political systems, the civil society and the system of professions. Some country authors met the session and shared their national results in a roundtable talk.

The fifth part was on Latin America, giving a short insight into first comparative results and the current state of research, followed by a brief overview on the preparation of the African volume, including Information on how to join and contribute. At the end of this session, the editors answered questions personally or in a chat.